Millions of Syrians Rally in Support of their Government


In a national scene conveying a message to the whole world of the Syrian people’s commitment to national unity away from foreign interferences and dictates, millions of Syrians on Thursday streamed into the homeland’s streets and squares throughout the provinces in a global march for Syria.

Waving Syrian flags and banners with national slogans on them, the jubilant participants voiced rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian people’s internal affairs and support to the comprehensive reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad to build the renewed Syria.

The reverberating echoes of pro-Syria and pro-leadership chants were heard all through the Umayyad square in Damascus, and Saba Bahrat Square in Deir Ezzor, Saadallah al-Jaberi Square in Aleppo, al-Mohafazeh Square in Lattakia and al-Raqqa, along the cornice in Tartous, the President Square in Hasaka, al-Baladieh in Misyaf, the main street of Salhab, the Post roundabout in Daraa and the neighborhoods of al-Zahra, al-Nuzha, al-Hadara and al-Sheirat in Homs.


The marchers’ slogans expressed denunciation of the antagonistic campaign and the conspiracy hatched against their homeland and led by some Arab parties, stressing adherence to their leadership and vowing to remain steadfast in defending Syria’s security and stability.

In Damascus, the citizens who filled the Umayyad Square stressed that the Syrian people won’t bow down to pressure and are bent on foiling conspiracies weaved in black rooms against Syria.

Afif Dalleh, a political analyst, said that this monumental day proves that all Syrians support the reform program under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad and that their unwavering national choices are ever focused on national unity.

”This is a declaration of victory by all accounts,” Dalleh added.

Participants voiced trust that Syria will emerge even stronger form the crisis, pledging to protect Syria from traitors and plotters who attempt to undermine its power in service of foreign and Israeli agendas.

”These crowds want to get a vocal message across to the whole world that the Syrian people will remain united as ever in combating terrorism,” said Monzer Mohammad, a participant.

They expressed deep thanks to Russia and China who stood by the Syrian people, indicating that one year after the onset of the crisis, the Syrians’ will remains unbreakable.

”The attempts of Western and Arab countries to alter Syria’s position will come to naught…because the Syrian people will spare no sacrifice to defend their country,” said one of the participants.


The tens of thousands of wavering Syrian flags reflected the Syrians’ awareness in confronting the pressures and foreign dictates that are aimed at undermining their homeland and its resistant and principled national and pan-Arab stances, and their choice of sticking to national unity and discarding all attempts at sowing sedition and the tendentious media misleading campaigns.


While condemning the criminal acts of the armed terrorist groups against the civilians, the security and army forces and the public and private properties, the cheering marchers applauded the Syrian Arab Arm’s sacrifices for the sake of preserving Syria’s stability, security and pride.

The Syrians expressed appreciation of Russia, China and other friendly countries for their stances in support of Syria against the conspiracy, denouncing the irresponsible resolutions of the Arab League, which they said has turned into a tool to implement foreign agendas aimed at fragmenting the region and controlling its resources.

In Aleppo, Saadallah al-Jabiri Square was filled to overflowing with mass crowds to voice support to national unity, independent national decision and reforms, as well as rejection of foreign interference.

Chanting national songs, they hailed the heroism and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army for protecting the homeland, calling for punishing the armed terrorist groups and their funders.

They stressed that the pressure by the Arab League, EU and the US will not debilitate Syria, affirming that the Syrians reject dictates and foreign interference no matter where they come from.

Ahmad Ibrahim, a Palestinian, said that the Palestinians have become an inseparable part of the Syrian fabric, adding that it is obvious that Syria is coming under pressure due to its support to resistance, denouncing statements by Palestinian leaders which ”do not represent the Palestinian people.”

”This stupendous march proves beyond doubt that the Syrian people oppose foreign interference in their country,” said Haidar Talab, adding ”The comprehensive reform program and dialogue are the sole way out of the crisis.”

Abdul-Rahman al-Nayef, leader of al-Bousalem clan in Aleppo, said that the clans will be up to the challenge in repelling aggression against their country.


In Hasaka, Mr. President Square saw a mass gathering of thousands who began to stream into the square early in the morning to express rejection of foreign meddling and support to the independent national decision and the comprehensive reform program in Syria.

The participants raised national flags and lashed out at the attempts of foreign interference in their country, underling the importance of national unity among the Syrians.

”The horrendous crimes of the armed groups have laid bare their blood-thirsty tactics under the cover of demanding liberty…but the Syrian people were never taken in by these false pretexts,” said Jawhar El-Helo, leader of Adwan clan.


In Homs which has borne the brunt of terrorism, the people there expressed strong denunciation of the acts of terrorism and vandalism, echoing the stances of their fellow citizens across Syria in supporting reform for building a strong Syria.

In Deir Ezzor, people flocked to Saba’ Bahrat Square to send a clear message of commitment to national unity and support to reforms.

The participants pledged to preserve the Syrian soil and the national unity, condemning foreign interference and terrorism. Participants affirmed that Syria will emerge victorious with its head held high, blasting the lies and fabrications spread by some TV channels on the situation in Syria.


Lattakia was no exception. Raising national flags and banners, people gathered in the Governorate Square to support reforms and voice rejection to plots against their country.

Mufti of Lattakia Sheikh Ghazal Ghazal said that Syria is a model for national unity, adding that this nation is the cradle of civilizations and religions where people have always fought adversities and difficulties.

Participants said that the Syrians are giving lessons in democracy and reforms as embodied in these huge gatherings across the country, extending thanks to all friendly countries who stood by Syria.


In Raqqa, the citizens from across the governorate gathered at the Governorate building Square, chanting national slogans and songs.

The participants voiced adherence to national unity and saluted the Syrian Arab army which is defending the homeland, indicating that the current stage entails cohesion and soaring above differences.


The people of Hama assembled in Masyaf and Salhab areas in support of reforms and in rejection of foreign interference in their internal affairs.

The participants stressed that the Syrian people will not allow foreign interference, calling for punishing traitors and mercenaries.


In Tartous, people gathered along the Sea Cornishe, affirming that the Syrian people will remain unbowed and opposed to foreign interference.

The participants said that this global event is a genuine expression of unity against conspiracies, affirming that the Syrians could withstand the crisis thanks to their willpower and determination.


In Daraa, the crowds who gathered at the Post Roundabout Square in the city voiced support to reforms and national unity.

The participants, who chanted national songs and slogans, sought to send a clear message that the Syrians can solve their own problems, hoping that Syria will overcome the crisis.

They also said that the conspiracy is breathing its last, decrying the acts of killing, vandalism and terrorism which are intended to weaken Syria and undermine its stances in support to resistance.


H. Said/M. Ismael



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