Gaddafi’s Libya ~ NATO’s Libya

“How sweet will be the victory of the wretched, and how great! How sweet will the songs be on that golden day, and how brilliant the golden sun of the wretched as it blazes. How sweet this dangerous dream – that hopes will be realized, that wishes become true. That a dream will become reality, that the wretched of the earth will have their state …  This is the true secret for their hating you: you are not of this world, you are not wealthy, and for this they hate you. You are not oppressors, and for this they hate you. You are not pretenders, so they hate you. You are not hypocrites or liars, and for this they hate you.” ~ Muammar Al Ghaddafi’

The Western powers resented the Libyans because they were wealthy, having taken over their own oil resources for the first time, and building up a powerful defensive military capability from incessant attacks by those same heirs of Caesar and Rommel. They turned over their annual oil revenues in the billions to themselves, making themselves anew, from being the poorest country on earth in 1951 (before oil was discovered in 1959) – with a $50 annual per capita income, lower than India’s – to the best in Africa, and higher than England’s. They were building a Great Man Made River in the Sahara from vast subterranean seas of water, next to the oil oceans, and dams and irrigation canals thousands of kilometers long to turn the desert into a green agricultural resource.

But we don’t hear anything about that. Qaddafi and his Libyans were branded one of the greatest ‘Terrorist Regimes’ on the planet. Why? (1)

Why, because USA/NATO does not care for Libya or any country claiming independence from the empire’s hegemony and imposed dictators. They did what they have done so well since the end of WW2, first they send in the “rebels”, Western/NATO backed mercenaries to stir unrest in the country, then the NGOs (West’s humanitarian warriors) are sent in to declare crimes against humanity by the state in question.  Washington/NATO and corporate media proceed to Hollywood style direct media and propaganda to justify consent of public for “humanitarian” intervention.  The irony of course being there is nothing in the least humanitarian about any of it.

NATO with their very own flavor of humanity thought it was good idea to use chemical weapons in Bani Walid. (5)

For the first time in history, NATO is facing charges for their crimes.  Civilians were deliberately targeted in Libya by the NATO backed, imported, al Qaeda rebels. Khaled al-Hamedi initiated the law suit against NATO for the death of 13 civilians who died in the infamous June 20th, 2011 Sorman Massacre.  Khaled al-Hamedi is convinced that NATO intentionally targeted his home because his father, General Kweldi, was a respected elder, long time member of Libya’s Revolutionary Council of twelve and one of Muammar Gaddafi’s closest confidantes. (3)

Gaddafi’s grandchildren and family were murdered in deliberate airstrike, youngest was two.  The ceremonial slaughter of Moammar Gaddafi and his family lurched forward like some savage white cult ritual. Death to the demon and his seed! shouted the priests, banshees and ice-smile oracles of the U.S. corporate media. The American (or “western”) manifest mission must be sanctified in the blood of caricatures. “Vaunted American “compassion” does not extend to the grandbabies of evil Arab cartoon-men.”   (4)

Obama’s “humanitarian” mission did the exact opposite of its stated intention– it supported genocide …

The Somalialand Press reported black Africans in Libya being kidnapped, raped, and murdered by U.S. backed rebels, who are pointing to Gaddafi’s use of African mercenaries as an excuse to carry out a campaign of terror against refugees, students, and workers who come from countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria, Chad, Mali and Niger. (6)

Muammar Al Ghaddafi’s vision was one of direct solidarity-based communal democracy, of Pan-African unity, of a broad African alliance able to withstand the economic and military aggression of the predatory Western powers. His determination to defend this vision led directly to NATO’s aggression and to his horrific murder, which Hillary Clinton, the exemplary yankee sadist, found so amusing.

The only possible sustainable economic model in the world now is one necessarily built on socialist inspired solidarity-based cooperation between strong nation states. That model was exemplified in the Libyan Jamihiriya and its regional relations. The only other region in the world where such a model exists is among the ALBA countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The oligarchies of North America and Europe reject such a model because they refuse to share the world’s resources equitably.

NATO has turned Libya into a concentration camp, a “new” Haiti for the West to try and control and keep poor, while robbing the country’s resources for the good of the new “Axis of Evil”. The only model the Western oligarchs accept is their own unsustainable model of world domination. That is why the United States and its allies wage endless war on humanity. They will continue to do so until either they are strategically defeated or they destroy humanity altogether. That was the meaning of the murder of Augusto C. Sandino. It was the meaning of the murders of Patrice Lumumba and Che Guevara. It is the meaning of the murder of Muammar Al Ghaddafi. (2)

© Carina D


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(last video)

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5 thoughts on “Gaddafi’s Libya ~ NATO’s Libya

  1. China Daily
    March 17, 2012

    Libyan model is dangerous game
    By Wang Lincong*


    By intervening in the Libyan war, the Western countries were determined to topple the Gadhafi regime, rather than fighting for democracy and humanity as they claimed. The war is a tragic example of the West’s neo-interventionism.

    In the first decade of the 21st century Western countries hastily invaded Iraq under the guise of “democratic reform” and ultimately left the Iraqi people with untold sufferings. In the second decade Western countries have created the “myth” of humanitarian intervention and taken advantage of the “Arab Spring” to engineer regime change in Libya, which has sowed the seeds of hatred.


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  3. To the citizens of Libya: I’m sorry that I and 310 million other Americans have allowed a few tyrants put into power by the uneducated majority to murder so many in their quest for wealth and power. Forgive me for allowing the richest nation in Africa to be bombed into the stone age destroying your infrastructure and placing in power a bunch of racist murdering criminals our government freed from your prisons. In your time of torment try to remember all men will one day answer to God.

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