The Pirate

Compassionate Mother Kali
You are the stealthy pirate
   that sails the seas
   of our mindless
      hum drum
         do-what-others-do existence

With your prey firmly fixed
   in your steady gaze
      you unfurl your black flag
      with skull and cross bones flying in the sun
         and stalk our aimless minds
         which sail like so many wooden ships
            from one meaningless port
            to the next

What a sight you are!
   With your disheveled long free-flowing black hair
   blowing effortlessly in the wind
      you direct the universes and all their beings
      from the bow of your ship

Your songs of renunciation
      and abandonment of the blind herd mentality
         echo endlessly
            across the waters of mortality

You are the very spirit of freedom
   that dances in reckless unconcerned bliss
      overpowering the prim and the proper
         the prince and the pauper
            trampling all self-imposed scripts of limitation

Victory is always certain
   as you storm our ship
      that is heavy laden
      with the cargo of “I” and “mine”

Most flee in terror
   at the sight of your approaching pirate flag
      but I have been hunting you!

I am eager for you to steal away
   my deluded self interests
   and set ablaze my wooden ship
      of self-imposed limitations

Mother Kali
I have spotted you in my telescope
   just on the horizon of plurality
      and I have given the order
      to set sail at once!

Day and night
   I will watch you closely
   not even blinking
      so that you will not be able to slip away

I and my motley crew
of mental musings, attachments and fantasies
   are ready to join
   your pirate band of Divine Marauders

From then on
   there will be no captain but you

Like a divine Robin Hood
   who sails the oceans of mortal existence
      you steal from the bloated opulence
      of our wandering thoughts
         and give to our thirsting hearts
            which long for your
            radiant all consuming love

Ethan Walker II


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