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Preparing Geneva 2 ~ Preparare Ginevra 2 by Thierry Meyssan


Neo-Liberal Reform of Nigeria’s Educational System ~ Here We Come to Save the Day !

The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System

13 - 1

I have a personal request please help me Stop the War on Syria

Ron Paul – Why Are We On The Side Of Al Qaeda In #Syria?

Peace in Syria is possible… within the week by Thierry Meyssan ~ Nei prossimi otto giorni, la pace è possibile in Siria

Americans back Putin on Syria issue, condemn Obama


Moscow: Russian radars detect launch of two ballistic missiles in the Mediterranean


Salehi: Syrian people facing vicious war, defending their independence and dignity

Syria: the Art of Standing on the Right Side of History

Mali, USA and France: Next US puppet AFRICOM ~ Hollande

The Furnace ~ Bill the Butcher

President Assad: No to Surrender, No to Submission

Olive Schreiner: The bestiality and insanity of war

Question of the Day ~ How you feeling USA knowing you killed over 2 million people based on a lie?

UPDATE: Global NATO Lockdown ~ Answers ~

Gold Turns Black ~ 1973 OPEC War (aka Yom Kippur War)

“Letter” from Barack Obama to the Congress concerning Niger

French Troops Attacked in Gao


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