Charles Chesnutt: Justice, Peace – the seed and the flower of civilisation

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Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war


Charles Chesnutt
From The Colonel’s Dream (1905)


When the colonel set out next morning for a walk down the main street, he had just breakfasted on boiled brook trout, fresh laid eggs, hot muffins and coffee, and was feeling at peace with all mankind. He was alone, having left Phil in charge of the hotel housekeeper. He had gone only a short distance when he reached a door around which several men were lounging, and from which came the sound of voices and loud laughter. Stopping, he looked with some curiosity into the door, over which there was a faded sign to indicate that it was the office of a Justice of the Peace – a pleasing collocation of words, to those who could divorce it from any technical significance – Justice, Peace…

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Al-Jaafari: There is moral problem with how the UN Secretariat is dealing with terrorism in Syria

Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari

New York, SANA_ Syria’s Permanent representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that there is a moral problem regarding the way in which the United Nations Secretariat is dealing with terrorism in Syria.

Al-Jaafari’s remark was made in a statement following a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday to discuss issues related to the crisis in Syria with the participation of the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura and Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Kyung-wha Kang via the internet from Geneva.

Syria’s Representative said that holding a joint session including those who are responsible for the political file and humanitarian one together to discuss the situation relevant to the so-called Syrian crisis poses a positive development since that in one meeting, members of the UN Security Council managed to consider the political and humanitarian aspects of the issue at the same time.

Al-Jaafari voiced reservations on the session, the first of those reservations was when Kang pointed to the fact that violence in Syria reached unprecedented levels but she did not specify the reasons of the violence escalation as she talked about the flow of millions of refugees and displaced persons internally, but also did not touch upon the reasons which forced them to leave their towns and villages, she also spoke about the victims of terrorist bombing in Homs which targeted innocent children were near their school ignoring to set those who committed such terrorist act, so all these methods of expressing concern in dealing with the bloody development and bloodshed seen by Syrian government as moral problems.

“After much denial, the international community came to a conclusion that proves the veracity of what the Syrian government has been saying for several years, which is that Syria is facing mercenaries and terrorists coming from 83 countries, mercenaries who were trained in camps in Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, under US-French-British supervision,” he said.

Al-Jaafari went on to say “We were wishing that the UN Secretariat staff were more neutral about the diagnosis of terrorist activities which Syria is exposed to, especially since after a long time of denial, the so-called international community came out the outcome that what the Syrian government has been saying proved to be true.”

He talked about how the world’s intelligence agencies didn’t prevent a group of Australian youths headed from Sydney to shed the blood and fight Syrian government in Aleppo within 24 hours, noting that the Secretariat including Kang insists to refer to such mercenaries as “Syrian insurgents.”
Al-Jaafari commended the efforts of de Mistura who talked about his support for achieving a political settlement in Syria, the choice which the Syrian government has been supporting.

“It can’t be denied that the Turkish policy is one of the causes of increasing the violence in Syria through facilitating the flow of the ISIS and al-Nusra Front terrorists into the Syrian territories,” he said, adding that the ISIS disaster which the Syrian and Iraqi people are suffering from should be addressed in a serious manner by the international community which must seriously fight against terrorists in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions Nos. /2170 /and /2178/.

Al-Jaafari said that there should be no selectivity in combating terrorism because selectivity indicates the lack of seriousness in the fight against terrorism and that is the first challenge currently.

On de Mistura’s call on Turkey to help fighters in Ayn al-Arab, al-Jaafari said the Syrian government is against any foreign interference in Syrian affairs and against any violation of its sovereignty as this is a red line, noting that de Mistura did not call Turkey to interfere in the affairs of Syria, but rather called for facilitating the entry of the Syrian fighters who are of Ayn al-Arab’s inhabitants and fled to escape ISIS, adding that the Turkish authorities prevented Syrians from returning to Ayn al-Arab to defend it.

On the situation of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in Golan, and the terrorism to which it was exposed, Syria’s Representative said this is another scandal since the peacekeeping administration has not responded to this terrorism in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) along the ceasefire line in the occupied Syrian Golan.

He made it clear that the Syrian government welcomes what de Mistura and members of the UN Security Council put forth about fighting terrorism as a priority.

In response to a question about the international alliance’s continued airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria, al-Jaafari said “We have great doubts about the motives and objectives of these strikes since the alliance is attacking ISIS terrorists while at the same time it turns a blind eye to the Turkish government’s support to them.”

Ghossoun / Hazem Sabbagh

Ebola – International Medical Aid: Cuba Leads The Way

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Cuban (you read corrrectly) medical teams preparing to help bury Ebola victims in West Africa

Cuban (you read correctly) medical teams preparing to help bury Ebola victims in West Africa

So far the Ebola virus has effected exactly three people in the United States. Yet there is so little coverage these days about the Ebola outbreak where it is actually taking place – in West Africa, Sierre Leone, Guinea, Liberia or the fact that the health services in Senegal and Nigeria the outbreak has been contained.  Instead we read election-produced scare tactics of the few cases that are emerging in the USA with Republicans having triggered a national fear crisis in hopes that this will help them over the top in the upcoming mid-term elections in a few weeks. As usual, the Democratic response to this cynical public relations campaign, is tepid…if that.

Although the United States has considerable medical resources to fight such an epidemic, that the Ebola virus could spread, follow a…

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Olga Shugurova: The Letter From the Trenches

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Olga Shugurova
The Letter From the Trenches (2014)

My dear and beloved wife Rosa,

I am writing to you this evening with stars that seem to be so near me, so close that I keep dreaming awake about our home, our family, and our past. The stars came to our battle field in protection against the severity of this night and its lonely horrors of being. These stars today make me think more about the meaning of human purpose, here, on earth. I keep staring at the sky, feeling the winter’s weapons that are geared towards me. These weapons of frost, isolation, and fear remind me about the inner fire that I call love to life, to you, to people, to land.

This war is a horror. It makes me feel alienated from the very meaning of friendship. I feel the steel weapons that were imposed on me by the…

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Erdogan threatens Europe by shaking the jihadist bugaboo

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Anadolu news agency quoted Erdoğan as saying, during a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “If Brussels rejects Turkey’s EU membership bid, Ankara will increase its support for Syrian moderate Islamist”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a leading opponent to Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, threatened European countries that in case EU rejects Turkish lifelong EU entry bid , Ankara will boost its military , financial and media support for what he called ‘ moderate Islamist revolutionaries’ who are fighting a bitter war to topple secular president Assad.

Speaking on the sidelines of his meeting with German Chancellor, Erdoğan reiterated Turkey’s policy of not intervening to rescue Syrian Kurdish minority.

All the peoples of Europe sincerely wish that Turkey, as it is now ruled by a corrupted and criminal political class, remains where it is, on the side and at the mercy of Obama and his cannibals




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Syrian Kurds Reject FSA Aid in Kobani Battle

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The Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) forces will not allow FSA to enter Kobani

The Kurdish fighters in the Syrian border city of Kobani voiced opposition to the dispatch of forces from the armed opposition group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), to the embattled Kurdish city to help its resistance forces in the war against the ISIL terrorist group.

The Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) forces underlined that they will not allow the FSA to enter Kobani, several media of the Arab world, including the Egyptian Al-Youm7 the Lebanese Alahed, and the Syrian opposition website Syrians News quoted Arabic-language Sky News channel as saying.

“We welcome the entrance of Kurdish Pishmarga forces, but the FSA forces commanded by Abdul Jabbar al-Agedi can fight the ISIL in other places like Jerablus and Manbij (not in Kobani),” YPG Commander Siban Hamou was quoted as saying by the above-mentioned Arabic-language media as saying.

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A Turkish Ambulance Discovered in Morek by the Syrian Army ~ Turkey violating Geneva Conventions using ambulances for weapons transport

BY ON OCTOBER 27, 2014

Upon the capture of the strategic city of Morek in the Hama Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) discovered an ambulance that possessed a Turkish license place; it was stockpiled with weapons and ammunition. This is the second time a Turkish ambulance was discovered inside of Syria – the first being in the Armenian village of Kassab. The ambulance was discovered along with a multitude of telecommunication devices inside the dilapidated buildings of the captured city.

Journalists from Syrian TV inspect the ambulance

Journalists from Syrian TV inspect the ambulance

Syrian TV's, Shadi Hulwe, films the captured ambulance.

Syrian TV’s, Shadi Hulwe, films the captured ambulance.

The Turkish Government has actively supported the rebels in Syria, providing them access to the vast border and supplies to continue their fight against the Syrian Arab Army and the YPG. The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has also benefitted from Turkish hospitality, as they continue to besiege the Kurdish village of Kobane (‘Ayn Al-‘Arab) in northern Aleppo, utilizing the border to launch mortar shells on YPG positions inside.


Turkey violating Geneva Conventions using ambulances for weapons transport

Turkish ambulances used to transport weapons to terrorists in Syria, in violation of Geneva Conventions, according to Russian reports. NATO officials refuse comment?

Voter Lookup ~ USA Midterm Elections ~ Nov 4 2014


First of all, we all knew it, we just didn’t have enough proof! Now we do, ISIS has been created to rip up the USA and Israel apart. The first bit of proof we got was the picture below of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

Crusaders2127 Video


Then news broke that Obama released this man above in 2009. Upon release he immediately told Obama “See you in New York”. The question is why was he released? How can a president release such a terrorist? Well, it all has been planned since the beginning! This man, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, joined the fight against the US and Israel, and created the group ISIS. Which then turned into the first Islamic caliphate since the dark ages. This evil, must be purged from the earth. Their destruction is costing thousands upon thousands of lives. Why didn’t a leader who is all about his image destroy these terrorists when they started? it’s simple, he helped create them.

This plan was formed way back when, and in fact includes Israel. For the first bit of proof please watch the video below.

Zionist Propagandist Author Admits ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Now, if that isn’t scary enough take a look at this! Below is a screenshot of the website
Screenshot (16)

This is down right scary, this is an American company. Which according to their about page “ISIS is headquartered outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Our Washington D.C. office is located in the Ronald Reagan Building. We are dedicated to supporting our national defense and security departments, as well as government contractors and private business, with mission-critical services performed by highly skilled experts in their fields. ISIS professionals can be found working side by side with the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government and Prime Contractors on the ground in such strategic environments as the Middle East. See Our Locations Map at the bottom of the page.” Now for those of you who don’t understand how this is connected, America used to be free. Now we are a corporation, run by private sectors. This “ISIS” company is a private company, and specializes in the Middle East. Coincidence? Don’t think so.

Now for the final piece, this is the worst part. ISIS is portrayed as simple minded, barbaric, violent, soulless creatures. How can these terrorists begin to even think of how to create “sophisticated drones”? Well according to Yahoo News, these barbaric animals can develop sophisticated drones. That is about as believable as 2+2=5, that said who is creating their weaponry? Well our author Simon Trinculo has figured it out. In his most recent article, he wrote about how Obama is going to a barbeque this Labor day. His guests tell it all, here is a snip-it.

While ISIS wreaks havoc in the Middle East and Putin marches on Ukraine, President Obama will be attending a BBQ fundraiser for the Democratic National Convention Labor Day weekend.  The fundraiser is being given by Robert Wolf, a demigod of the financial sector, in Purchase, NY.  The 250 expected guests have paid $32,000 per person for the BBQ, raising $8 million for the Democratic Party.

Given the circumstances of the pending war with ISIS and Putin’s invasion of Russia, attending a BBQ fundraiser seems as though it should be low-priority for our Commander-In-Chief.  But this BBQ has more to offer than hot dogs and fireworks: it has Wolf and his drones….

…After leaving UBS, Wolf founded 32 Advisors, a company which, according to their website, “provides a unique offering of highly tailored, independent cross-border advice on economic, strategic and financial issues to enhance and expand our clients’ capabilities and position them for success.”  Interestingly, 32 Advisors owns a company called Measure which specializes in drones.  They provide services to “domestic and international corporations, public entities, governments, financial services firms and high growth businesses [emphasis added].”

Now go back to the Yahoo News article, and connect the dots. Wolf, Obama, and ISIS are developing drones to strike the US and Israel. This meeting is most likely to discuss the completion of said drones. After these “meetings” usually there is an attack of some sort. Well with everyone warning about an ISIS attack this may be the next route they use. According to Sec Def Dempsey “An ISIS attack is imminent”, according to DHS “an ISIS attack is already underway.

One thing is for certain, we are in trouble. Our country is about to be ripped apart by ISIS because they are already here waiting on the order. In fact, this article should shed light on where they are located in our government!

The US involvment in 134 Wars

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By Timothy McGrath ~ [MintPressNews, ~ reissue from 22/9/2014]

The White House spent much of last week trying to figure out if the word “war” was the right one to describe its military actions against the Islamic State.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was at first reluctant:

“We’re engaged in a major counterterrorism operation,” he told CBS News on Sept. 11.
“I think war is the wrong terminology and analogy but the fact is that we are engaged in a very significant global effort to curb terrorist activity… I don’t think people need to get into war fever on this. I think they have to view it as a heightened level of counter terrorist activity.”

Kerry said similarly hedgy things during interviews on CNN and ABC.

By the next day, the Obama administration appeared more comfortable with the word war, yet hardly offered any more clarity. White House…

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Tiger Forces Commander Enters Morek; SAA Continues Offensive in Southern Aleppo


Colonel Soheil Al-Hassan of the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” entered the recently captured village of Morek in the Hama Governorate, as jubilant soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army’s 11th Tank Division and the National Defense Forces (NDF) greeted him with a warm welcome. Col. Al-Hassan delivered an uplifting speech to soldiers who participated in the battle, commending them on their gallantry on the battlefield. He would later inspect the multitude of bullet-ridden, dilapidated buildings that contained a wide variety of weapons and ammunition.

A female NDF fighter poses for a picture. Leith Fadel | Al-Masdar News

In southern Aleppo, the SAA continued its offensive in southern Aleppo, targeting the villages of Yadouda and Al-‘Amariyya. The SAA carried out multiple operations on the outskirts of Al-‘Amariyya Farms (Mazraa Al-‘Amariyya) near Sheikh Sa’eed, killing scores of militants from the Islamic Front. Meanwhile, at the village of Yadouda, the SAA and NDF destroyed an IF hideout, killing a dozen militants and confiscating heavy weaponry inside.

Earlier today, 2 Islamic Front leaders were killed near the Handarat District of Aleppo, after the SAA bombarded IF positions from the east. The leader of the Ansar Al-Sunnah Battalion (Islamic Front militia), Ahmad Khalid Al-Sirraj, was killed by the SAA during a fierce firefight; while, Liwaa ‘Ahrar Al-Souriya (Liberation of Syria Brigades) leader, Saleh Satouf, was believed to have perished when artillery shells struck his contingent.

North of the Hanano District, the Syrian Air Force conducted multiple airstrikes on an Islamic Front convoy that was believed to have derived from Gaziantep, Turkey. According to a military source, at least 6 airstrikes were launched, destroying all the 4 vehicles in the convoy.

Direct Democracy The Kobani Riddle

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By Pepe Escobar

October 24, 2014 “ICH” – “Asia Times” – The brave women of Kobani – where Syrian Kurds are desperately fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh – are about to be betrayed by the “international community”. These women warriors, apart from Caliph Ibrahim’s goons, are also fighting treacherous agendas by the US, Turkey and the administration of Iraqi Kurdistan. So what’s the real deal in Kobani?

Let’s start by talking about Rojava. The full meaning of Rojava – the three mostly Kurdish provinces of northern Syria – is conveyed in this editorial (in Turkish) published by jailed activist Kenan Kirkaya. He argues that Rojava is the home of a “revolutionary model” that no less than challenges “the hegemony of the capitalist, nation-state system” – way beyond its regional “meaning for Kurds, or for Syrians or Kurdistan.”

Kobani – an agricultural region – happens to be at the epicenter…

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Breedlove In Tbilisi: NATO Prepares Georgia For Integration, New Wars

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Ministry of Defence of Georgia
October 22, 2014

Irakli Alasania and General Philip Breedlove Briefed Media Representatives

General Philip Breedlove NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe and Commander of U.S. European Command and Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Alasania made remarks for the representatives of media after the meeting at the Georgian Defence Ministry.

Minister of Defence of Georgia Irakli Alasania summarized the results of the meeting and elaborated on the future plans of cooperation with the Alliance: “It is a great honor for us to host the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Georgia who has brought the key message for the Georgian people – NATO stands by our side and will assist Georgia to strengthen our defence capabilities. The alliance stands ready to assist Georgia on its path towards NATO integration. At the meeting with General Breedlove and members of his delegation, together with General Kapanadze we discussed the…

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UK military mission in Syria and Irak is illegal and does not have any legal authority ~ [EXCERPTS COLLECTION]

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 The British government albeit illegally rely on continuing UN ‘resolutions’ on Iraq to illegally be in Iraq, (which we already have groundbreaking High Court legal proceedings against the British government in the UK over) while there are no legal grounds etc for their latest proposed military mission in Syria.

The fact there may be British hostages in Syria does not, as one ‘news’ source claims provide the necessary legal grounds, for the claim there ‘will be authorization’ (which is not in any event the same as fully disclosing an actual written authorization’ for) British military to enter Syria.

It is clear that ‘hostages’ voluntarily chose to enter what they knew was a war zone in Syria, that they knew the British government and military did not have any…

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US-led coalition plot for CIA asset Barzani’s Iraqi Kurdish death squads to go through Turkey to Syria… namely, the US lobby “oil for Israel” at work ~ [EXCERPTS COLLECTION]

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(BrianHaw.TV) ~ There is nothing polite most people anywhere have ever found to say about the CIA run Barzani death squads who only mention the word Kurd to try to disguise their only real interest has always been murdering anyone who might stand in the way of their making lots of money out of oil.

There are two very good articles (below) by Gilles Munier explaining the long treacherous Barzani and Co, which go a long way to explaining what the US led coalition are currently up to now, when they mention the word Kurd, when they really mean their ever faithful henchman Barzani.




US Plan for the “Great Middle East”: The Kurdish Pipeline

The neo conservator project of carving a “zone of prosperity” in the Middle…

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“Crushing Kobani’s Kurds is a Prerequisite to an Invasion of Syria” [interview with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya]

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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya explains in the reasons behind the ISIL attack on the Syrian town of Kobani (Ain al-Arab) in an interview conducted with Press TV on October 15, 2014.

The attack on Kobani is part of the US-led siege on Syria that aims to neutralize the Syrian Kurdish before toppling the Syrian government.


For more articles by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, please click here:


SOURCE: GlobalResearchTV

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Al-Jaafari: Time has come for the UN to punish the terrorist coalition that seeks to destroy Syria


The UN, SANA-Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said Tuesday time has come for the UN to move and punish the terrorist coalition of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel which seeks to destroy Syria through using terrorism, shedding the blood of the Syrians and kill the Palestinian cause in order to achieve the so-called project of “judaizing Israel.”

Al-Jaafari said at a Security council session the Middle East that the Syrian government stresses its firm stances in support of the right of the Palestinian people in self-determination and in establishing their independent country with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital, with ensuring the right of the Palestinians to return Home.

“We urge the UN and its Security Council to shoulder their responsibilities and put an end to Israel’s occupation and its barbaric policies and continuous aggressions in addition to committing Israel to withdraw from the occupied Arab lands to the line of June 4th 1967, in accordance with the UN relevant resolutions,” al-Jaafari said.

He highlighted that the very same countries which support terrorism in Syrian are seeking to protect Israel and protecting it from the consequences of its crimes before pretending that it is fighting terrorism.

Mohammad Nassr/ Mazen Eyon


ISIL Militants Hospitalized in Turkey: Report

Militants of the Takfiri group ISIL, who were injured in the battles taking place in Syria’s border town of Kobani, are hospitalized in Turkey, media reported.


ISIL has been transferring its war casualties in Northern Syria, especially those wounded in the town of Kobani, to Turkish hospitals, Fars News agency quoted local sources in the Syrian town as saying.

“Since Saturday evening, the ISIL terrorists have been transferring a number of their injured members to Turkey through Tal Kania Araban road,” independent local sources in Syria’s Kurdish region told FNA on Monday.

“The Turkish army lit the sky by the help of flares to facilitate this transfer at night,” they added.

Turkey Link
Meanwhile, Sky News’ Chief Correspondent in Syria, Stuart Ramsay, obtained documents showing that the Turkish government has stamped passports of foreign militants seeking to cross the Turkey border into Syria to join the ISIL terrorists.

Sky News reporter obtained documents proving Turkey's links with ISIL militants

Passports from different countries were recovered in a village near Syria’s strategic town of Kobani across the Turkish border.

Furthermore, a large number of foreign passports recovered from terrorists killed during Syrian army operations show that many of the ISIL militants in Syria had traveled from Libya, Chechnya, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Belgium and France.

The Ankara government continues to block the supply of military equipment and reinforcements for Kurdish fighters defending Kobani against the terrorists.

Source: Al Manar

Henry Blake Fuller: Killed and wounded on the fields of hate

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Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war


Henry Blake Fuller
From On the Stairs (1918)


The Great War waged more furiously than ever, and came more close. The country had first said, “You may,” and, later, “You must.”


In his own body there was not one drop of martial blood; in his being not an iota of the bellicose spirit. Why men fight, even why boys fight – all this had been a mystery which he must take on faith, with little help from the fisticuffs and brawls of school-days, or even from the gigantic, agonizing closing-in of whole peoples, now under way.


McComas’s bank, like others, put its office-machinery at the disposal of the Government, when the first war-loan was in the making…McComas himself felt no promptings to subscribe to this loan; but his directors thought that…

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L’Italia torna in guerra in Iraq ~ di Manlio Dinucci

| ROMA (ITALIA) | 19 OTTOBRE 2014 

JPEG - 23.8 Kb

L’Italia invierà armi e militari nella regione di Erbil in Iraq, per rafforzare «le capacità di autodifesa dei curdi» contro l’avanzata dell’Isis: lo annuncia la ministra della difesa, Roberta Pinotti, alle commissioni riunite Esteri e Difesa di Camera e Senato.

Non a caso l’annuncio viene dato due giorni dopo che il capo di stato maggiore della difesa, l’ammiraglio Luigi Binelli Mantelli, ha partecipato in rappresentanza dell’Italia alla riunione, nella base militare di Andrews presso Washington, delle massime autorità militari dei 22 paesi della coalizione la cui missione ufficiale è «degradare e distruggere l’Isis». All’incontro – presieduto dal generale Martin Dempsey, capo dello stato maggiore congiunto degli Stati uniti – è intervenuto il presidente Obama, sottolineando che gli Usa intensificheranno «l’azione contro obiettivi sia in Iraq che in Siria», nel quadro di una coalizione internazionale. Gli alleati degli Usa, oltre a effettuare attacchi aerei in ambedue i paesi, forniscono «armi e assistenza alle forze irachene e all’opposizione siriana» (contro Assad) e «miliardi di dollari di aiuti», definiti «umanitari». In ambienti vicini alla Casa Bianca si ritiene che, nonostante l’impegno ufficiale di Obama di non impiegare soldati in missioni di combattimento in Iraq e Siria, gli Stati uniti stiano preparando l’invio di forze speciali (Berretti Verdi, Delta Force, Navy Seals), che si aggiungeranno ai «consiglieri» e agli «addestratori» già sul terreno, con il compito di effettuare azioni coperte. Contemporaneamente Washington preme perché gli alleati si assumano maggiori compiti, comprese operazioni terrestri.

Non è dato sapere quali impegni abbia assunto per l’Italia, a Andrews, il capo di stato maggiore. Lo si può però dedurre dall’annuncio della Pinotti. L’Italia non solo fornirà «ulteriori stock di munizioni di modello ex-sovietico, provenienti dal materiale confiscato nel 1994», ma anche «armi e munizioni controcarro in uso all’Esercito italiano», più un aereo KC-767 per il rifornimento in volo dei cacciabombardieri e due velivoli Predator a pilotaggio remoto, presto affiancati da «altri assetti pilotati per la ricognizione aerea». L’Italia invierà inoltre 280 militari per l’addestramento e la formazione di forze curde e, fatto ancora più importante, «una cellula di ufficiali per le attività di pianificazione». Si tratta, in altre parole, di un comando avanzato per ulteriori operazioni militari effettuate in modo coperto da forze speciali italiane, oggi potenziate con la nascita del nuovo comando unificato istituito alla caserma della Folgore a Pisa.

L’intervento militare italiano in Iraq rientra nella strategia statunitense. I curdi che l’Italia va a sostenere sono quelli della Regione autonoma del Kurdistan, centro petrolifero in grande ascesa e sede di decine di compagnie Usa e occidentali, sotto la presidenza di Masoud Barzani, capo del Partito democratico del Kurdistan, fedelissimo degli Stati uniti. Non a caso, mentre colpisce le forze dell’Isis che minacciano la regione in cui è al potere Barzani, l’aviazione statunitense e alleata fa cilecca quando si tratta di colpire l’Isis che attacca la zona del Pkk, le cui forze (che sono quelle che combattono realmente l’Isis sul fronte del confine siriano) vengono per di più bombardate dall’aviazione turca. Significativo è che all’incontro di Andrews abbia partecipato il capo di stato maggiore della Turchia e che la Casa Bianca abbia minimizzato gli attacchi aerei turchi contro i curdi del Pkk, assicurando che sono in corso colloqui su «ulteriori impegni» di Ankara. Lo stesso avviene in Siria, dove gli attacchi aeronavali Usa stanno demolendo non l’Isis, ma le installazioni petrolifere siriane per far crollare il governo di Damasco.

Obama, dopo l’incontro di Andrews, ha rimarcato che «distruggere l’Isis resta una missione difficile» e che «siamo appena agli inizi di una campagna a lungo termine». Non c’è dubbio, dato che l’Isis– costruito dai Paesi sunniti del Golfo a partire dall’Arabia saudita e dal fronte degli «Amici della Siria» , tra cui Usa, Turchia, Gran Bretagna – è funzionale alla strategia statunitense che, dopo aver demolito con la guerra lo Stato libico e aver quasi demolito quello siriano, mira alla balcanizzazione dell’Iraq, smembrandolo in tre regioni semi-autonome (curda, sunnita, sciita) o in tre distinti Stati. In questa lunga e costosa guerra viene portata l’Italia. I soldi non mancano: nella legge di stabilità, quelle per le «missioni internazionali di pace» (leggi missioni di guerra) vengono definite «spese indifferibili».

Manlio Dinucci

Il Manifesto (Italia)



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