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Lavrov: Russia instructed the US that any airstrikes on terrorists in Syria should be done with approval of Damascus

Al-Moallem: Syria prepared to cooperate and coordinate to combat terrorism as per resolution no. 2170

James Foley – His Secret Life and the CIA ~ Embedded Broadcast Journalists

John McCain, maestro concertatore della “primavera araba”, e il Califfo ~ Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph~ di Thierry Meyssan

Back In Iraq: We Only Want To Save You By Danny Schechter


The Anti-Empire Report #131 By William Blum – Published August 11th, 2014


On the sequence of events leading up to the Israeli invasion of Gaza ~ Bill the Butcher

Neo-Nazis Travelling to Ukraine to Fight Against “Separatists” and Establish a “Fascist Dictatorship”

“The Israeli Dream”: The Criminal Roadmap Towards “Greater Israel”? Ethnic Cleansing Planned in the Middle East? History, Legality Ignored ~ By Felicity Arbuthnot

Long Live Palestine! <3

Israeli calls for Palestinian blood ring at fever pitch David Sheen The Electronic Intifada 15 July 2014

Ukraine’s Démarche Against Refugees – To Be Interned, Split and Forcibly Utilized as Soldiers

The Anti-Empire Report #130 By William Blum – Published July 12th, 2014

Israel Awakens the Palestine It Tried to Crush

The United Nations is Complicit in the Massacre of Civilians in Ukraine By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Julie Lévesque


Organ Harvesting in Ukraine Goes Unreported ~ god bless merikka

Saddam Hussein’s Last Words: “To the Hell that is Iraq!?” What the Media has Deliberately Concealed


Three Points On Ukraine ~ Bill the Butcher

Come la NATO ha organizzato l’invasione dell’Iraq ~ How NATO organized invasion of Iraq


ISIS Militants Have US Passports! ‘Mother of All False Flags’


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