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Happy Independence Day, my beloved Syria! Still, we fight to maintain our freedom ~ New lies…and the truth behind the lies


Mercenary terrorist groups have committed horrific crimes, but were smashed by Syrian Army’s professional military operations in several provinces, while infighting between apes have sent dozens of them to hell ~ THE WAR AGAINST EVIL FORCES CONTINUE ~ REPORTS

Gabriel García Márquez: March 6, 1927-April 17, 2014


Audio Interview: NATO Includes All Former Fascist Powers In Europe

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Jack Lindsay: Who Will Dare Look This Child in the Eyes?

Обострение ситуации на Украине

Proxy Conflict With Russia: Ukraine Descends Into Open Warfare


Syrians celebrate Independence Day and army’s victories

Raghead: Crimea River

Inside the Private Prison Industry’z Alarming Spread Across America

Video: NATO, Ukraine and U.S. Imperialism


Ukraine: U.S. Proxies Launch Bloody Civil War


One Child killed, 60 others, mainly pupils, injured in terrorist attacks on schools in Damascus ~ Soccer player Tarek Ghrair martyred in terrorist mortar shell in Homs


USA and several allied countries involved in appalling carnages in Syria

Syria’s enemies nightmares


Obama’s Private Army to Shoot US Citizens but Bankers and War Criminals walk free ….

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Oramai lo sanno anche i sassi, l’uso di armi chimiche in Siria porta la firma di al Qaeda

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BREAKING NEWS: As we were already warning, a chemical attack by mercenary terroristic forces targeted the Syrian territory ~ (Eng-Ita)


President al-Assad: intellectual war one of gravest aspects of aggression against Syria

Video Shows NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) involved the War on Syria


Obama and US State Dept Hired Killers ~ Ukraine or Nevada same Hired Guns


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