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Final Statistics (400 x 572)

MOH Gaza Final Report

gazawreckage (400 x 213)

Gaza is Israel’s Vietnam, with Hamas victorious


Massacre in the wilderness of young people belonging to the tribe Shuaytat, who had rebelled against the Zionist-jihadists mercenaries of Daesh-ISIS


Mali after the French intervention ~ Alexander MEZYAEV


Lizard Point Map Quizzes – Test Your Geography Knowledge

Lavrov: Russia instructed the US that any airstrikes on terrorists in Syria should be done with approval of Damascus


ISIL an ‘Outgrowth of US Policy’ – ISIL is West Plot to Create Greater Israel

Interview: U.S. May Use Spy Flights Over Syria To Help Militants


Raghead: Ice Bucket Challenge

Al-Moallem: Syria prepared to cooperate and coordinate to combat terrorism as per resolution no. 2170

Fatima was at her front door when a drone struck, killing her niece and grand-daughter, and injuring her two sons and a grandson. She has shrapnel embedded in her head, face, neck and all over her body.

Palestinian MOH-Gaza Update as at 1900 hrs 25/08/2014

James Foley – His Secret Life and the CIA ~ Embedded Broadcast Journalists


Giovanni Verga: The Mother of Sorrows

Kerry: Ukrainians Can “Choose” Path Dictated By Washington


Raghead: Heads Will Roll


Israel is A Nation of Nazis

Thousands farewell the three assassinated Qassam leaders at their funerals in Rafah today

MOH Gaza Update as at 1900 hrs on 21/08/2014

Terrorists raised Israel’ Flag in Kisin town in the Northern countryside of Homs


Myanmar Oil

129-Day War: Kiev’s Expendable Conscripts Killed In Record Number


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